1. Neil Sutherland – Acting Chair
  2. David Burke – Acting Secretary
  3. Herbie Kay
  4. James Heathcote
  5. Rev Norma Fergusson
  6. Richard Fergusson
  7. Brian Heathcote


  1. Mike Winter
  2. Stephen Flint
  3. Martin Rees
  4. Bill Egginton

1. New Website Update

Viewed demo. Now ready for content – pictures, event summaries. Action: Request to village for content – James Heathcote

2. Previous Minutes

Covered under agenda items

3. Bookings made and lost

  1. Bookings: Summary from Stephen Flint (Booking Manager) read out – see appendix 1
  2. Annabelle’s Nursery: Annabelle liked Hall and considered it able to meet nursery requirements. Potentially using Vestry door so we may need to fix that as entrance. Storage should be ok, needs further thought when quantity of items known. Concern over having to clear up daily – doesn’t want to clear up 5 days a week. This is not seen as an issue for most users but must be clean/sorted for weekend use. Annabelle wants to stay at the L&F school. Richard Hancock is clear that is not possible. Yearly cost to Annabelle’s likely to be around £6500. Need to ensure FVT is not exposed to utility cost risk.
    Action: waiting now on Annabelle to give OK and get Ofsted inspection
  3. Memorial headstones: No movement and we need to get on with it to secure wider Hall use (nursery, weddings etc). NF explained monuments are the property of the person who erected them. Ownership passes to the heirs on death of owner. Church will need to prove they have made efforts to find owner; this can be achieved in 28 days with newspaper advertisement. FVT to get quotes on moving stones, St John’s to advise on layout/design. There was concern over putting any memorials under the trees, as people will end up walking through that area from car park if marquee is placed on the cleared area.
    Action: Herbie to talk to person who built the car park to get quote.
    Action: Norma to consult with Charles and have a agreed proposal for location of memorials by March FVT meeting.
  4. Review of activities: As per last FVTV meeting, one FVT volunteer or villager to be point of contact for any external hirer. To check heating instructions are sent and understood, and after event to check hall is tidy, heating on 10 degrees and place as it should be. Action: Neil to get list of FVTV and eligible villagers for this task and publish list for 2016.

4. Bank Statement

Balance 30 Dec 15: £9,635

5. Maintenance

Need to fix balcony top window pane.

Action: Herbie to quote on re-furb on north (plain) windows in batches and fix top broken window. Speak to the company who fixed the window last year. (Afternote: NF has sent name and address of the Longcot window repairer).

6. Forthcoming Village Events

  1. Public meeting on 23 Feb in Hall to discuss Queens Birthday celebrations on Sat 11 Jun
  2. Whisky Night Fri 26 Feb (HK
  3. Kadia Concert  Sat 5 Mar (Lisa Avenall) Neil and Herbie to run bar for FVT, maybe some snacks as well
  4. Queens Birthday Village Event Sat 11 Jun
  5. Village Fete Sat 25 Jun (proposed)
  6. Village Fireworks Fri 4 Nover).

6. AOB

  1. Good feedback from several villagers on content of FAQs
  2. Check safety and statutory signage hall is relevant/in date. Action: Neil
  3. Collate emergency contacts for Hall events Action: Neil

Appendix 1

Bookings in January:

Bookings are relatively quiet:
A few Uffington residents donated £5 for car park use
Richard Ferguson hired the hall for Church training on 16th Jan – £60 (4 hrs at full price of £15/hr)
Hannah Jones is interested in running dance classes on a Saturday morning but has not yet committed
The family of Ruth Brown who died recently is hiring the Hall for a family event on Monday 8th Feb – I have asked for £60 (9-5 @ locals rate)
White Horse Whisperers have changed their regular slot from Wed to Thu

I have put the date of Sat 11 Jun in as a hold for the possible use for a Village Party for the Queen’s 90th Birthday.


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