Thank you to Lisa, James and Simon, the White Horse Whisperers, for laying on another Folk in Fernham treat on Saturday, 5 March 2015.

The host group and the guest group, Kadia, presented an excellent musical feast, ranging from traditional folk favorites to many new songs. Music was very much enjoyed by the 80 people who came along, many from the village.

More concerts are planned later in the year – 2 December is a firm booking (for a special festive concert with local legend Johnny Coppin and friends) and Lisa might secure another band in September.

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As ever, lots of hard work in setting up, running and taking down. FVT’s thanks to Herbie Kay and Mike Winter for setting up and running the bar, Huw for being stand in barman (he enjoys it really!), to villagers who kindly contributed to the raffle prizes, and Lin and her team for running the raffle. The results were: Raffle £80, Bar £156 and ticket share £233, making a total of £469 for charity. Our intention is to make a contribution to a charity that supports the humanitarian side of the current refugee crisis, and the balance to allow FVT to run events for the village later in the year.

The fabulous photos are by Jo Elkington Photography