St. John’s Church has been converted not only to make it a more comfortable place for worship, but also to double as a village hall with an attractive, high quality space featuring a state-of-the-art audio-visual and sound experience. The hall can seat up to 100 people comfortably, and has both kitchen and toilet facilities.

Imagine a Victorian chapel with lovely stained glass windows, an oak floor with hand-carved detail, a mezzanine level with a glass-fronted rail above cleverly concealed facilities fronted also in oak – and you begin to imagine the simple, but splendid appeal of this multi-purpose building.

Refreshment Area

To feed your guests

Cater for your guests

The attractive and well-equipped refreshments area includes a hot plate, sink and dishwasher to allow you to easily cater for your event

Flexible Options

To suit a variety of events

Invite everyone

Comfortable and flexible seating options as well as toilet facilities including a disabled toilet ensure the hall is suitable for a variety of guests

Integrated Media

To bring your event to life

Put on a show

A built in projector coupled with a remote control screen and surround-sound speakers allow easy displaying of films, videos and music

Effective Heating

To keep your guests warm

Host anytime

Zone controlled underfloor heating ensures that the building can be kept warm even throughout the winter months so your events can go on
Floor Space

Floor Space and Seating

The hall has a large floor space, the bulk of which is a single large room in the center of the building, with a smaller room being located at the rear of the building that houses the catering equipment

Comfortable cushioned wooden chairs are provided with the hall with enough seating for 100 people. Other items such as tables are available on request subject to their availability, please enquire for further details.

Stained Glass

Integrated Media

Concealed surround sound speakers combined with the natural acoustics of the building provide great audio throughout the hall while up to date media connections ensure you can connect your devices.

A fully retractable 4 metre viewing screen and projector is available to display movies or other media, the projector supports HDMI, VGA and Mini Display Port inputs.

Catering Appliances

Catering Appliances

A hot plate is housed in the back room to take care of cooking and a dishwasher and sink ensure easy clean-up after feeding your guests.

Cooking utensils such as sharp knives are not stored in the hall so will need to be provided. Please note that all cooking utensils must be cleaned after hiring the hall by those hiring it.

Fantastic space to hold an event, played a small gig there and loved the area!
Joe Bloggs

Hiring Costs

Hall & Car Park

  • £7.50/hour for Fernham residents

Just Car Park

  • £10 for Fernham residents


For enquiries about booking the hall, or hiring the car park, marquee or other equipment, visit our bookings page.

Special rates are available for all day booking (6+ hours) at the discretion of the bookings secretary and the Fernham Village Trust.

Further details can be found on our bookings page.

Bookings Page