With ambulance response times getting longer, the Parish has bought a defibrillator for the community, it has been positioned at the back of The Woodman Inn, and is accessible 24/7.

If you suspect a heart-attack and need to use the box, ring 999. The ambulance controller will give you the code to the box and will talk you through how to use the defibrillator, please inform our parish representatives so that the pads can be replaced and the battery checked.

Training will be at The Woodman Inn on Friday February 5th, with one session at 7.00PM and another at 7.45pm. The training will show you how to recognise a heart attack, how to react and how to give CPR and use the AED. All members of the community are welcome and we hope you can make one of the sessions.

This is a fantastic facility for all of the village but we hope you will never need it.

Brian Heathcote (Chair)
Stephen Flint (Clerk)