Hello everyone, good to see you have all been signed up the the website, just thought I would put down a few words on how the forums work.

If you want to be updated when a new post is added to a forum you need to subscribe to it, do this by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button in the top right of the forum, from then on you will receive email updates when a new topic or reply is added.

When you receive these emails you can either go to the forum to reply directly or just reply to the email, I have linked the forum to a service called PostMark that will post you comments for you without the need to visit the site. This is why the reply email is a long string of seemingly random characters, that is the server key for Fernham.info so don’t worry it’s not a virus or anything. I have got us 25,000 free credits, and one reply uses a single credit, so I think we should be okay for a while, doing a little maths with Jayne we worked out that should last about 2 years (ish) and after that it would cost just under £25 to buy another 25,000, so if it is being used regularly 2 years from now I think that it a fairly justifiable price.

I would advise everyone subscribes to the Fernham Forum, as this is intended to include all general discussion that concerns all villagers. If you would like to subscribe to other forums of interest feel free, only those subscribing to the forums will receive email updates so this should result in you all only receiving updates relevant to you.

New forums can easily be created on request so just shout if you feel there is a need for any more, they can also be made public or private to those with accounts, I would recommend this for forums such as fffc, the book club or final Fridays etc as it’s probably best not to broadcast the location of events to the public!

I hope you all get some good use out of the forums and suggestions for improvements are always welcome, this is the first time the forums have been tested with user other than me and my second account so please point out anything you think needs changing or is not working as expected.

Looking forward to seeing the website in action!

James Heathcote