From a fledgling idea as Jo, Pam, Francois & Mike cleaned up the village bus stop, the event grew into an event involving Tapas, Gin and a Quiz – held in the Banqueting Hall of The Woodman, courtesy of Caroline & Francois … whilst Luke was on holiday (nice one Luke!).

The aims were: a bit of FUN, net-working and social inter-action, all in aid of the Village amenities.

The two dozen or so participants, survivors of the cable fault (stopping all telephone/internet communications for 2 days) …were grouped into teams named after birds.

Well seeded with Tapas and Gin, they started flying …roughly on time. An opening question on the name of the Woodman’s dog (PEANUT), got a ZERO response, which meant the rest of the evening had to be “on the up”.

Three rounds of topics from the history of the Village and The Woodman, to General Knowledge, Music and Sport…showed promise, with some definitely holding themselves in reserve, perched. Winners of each round claimed a variety of prizes donated by our Australian and Cypriot sponsors!

The Mid-Quiz break on the hour allowed a necessary re-charging, shuffling and preening of feathers etc…

The second half was a mixture of General Knowledge, Food (!), Cocktails and History. The latter gave the KITE team a chance to fly and they did…

So much so, the KITES WON the trophy CUP (to be kept on the bar of The Woodman) and a very nice Voucher donated by the Woodman.

The pecking order of the other results is on a “need to know” basis… suffice to say the Cockatoos, Chaffinches, Pigeons and Swallows peaked too late…and have a bit of foraging to do…to catch the KITES!

Thanks again to ALL participants who really made the evening FUN… and enabled all to network and put pounds 40 into the Village amenities’ fund. AND a big Thank you to the Woodman (Caroline, Francois, Chef, staff and Peanut) for their sponsorship and The Aussies and Cypriots for theirs.

The Kouris Magpie, 10th Aug 2018

PS From the Editor:  Looks like Francois has a new dish – Budgie on a Stick – mmmm – maybe a new tapas idea?!